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Sweet Shrimp Nigiri - $8.99

Hayden Roll
Price: $9.95
Description: Fried black tiger prawn and avocado wrapped in seaweed, topped with snow crab meat, crunchy and special eel sauce.

Tropical Sunset Roll
Price: $10.99
Description: Spicy snow crab real meat wrapped in seaweed, topped with fresh mango.

WAKA Crunchy Roll
Price: $9.50
Description: Shrimp tempura, marinated seaweed, sweet tempura fry and snow crab wrapped with seaweed and masako fish eggs outside.

Emerald Isle Roll
Price: $8.50
Description: (organic vegetable sushi) Wonderful combination of avocado, cream cheese and Japanese Kanpyo. It is an another choice for vegetarian other than crunchy ruby roll.

Cara Roll
Price: $7.99
Description: Marinated tofu, Kanpyo, Diakon, cucumber, & avacado